About Us

Before Strite's Donuts

We lived in Hagerstown, Maryland, and were dairy farmers for 27 years until we moved to the Shenandoah Valley in 1998 and continued to farm until 2004.

The Beginning of Strite’s Donuts

In 2004 we started to go to the three festivals in the Shenandoah Valley: the Folk’s Run Fourth of July festival, the Broadway Fall Festival, and the Mount Jackson Apple Harvest Festival. We started out with the original three festivals and as more people wanted our donuts, we began to expand and do more festivals as the years went on. Within one or two years, we started doing the three local county fairs as well.

In 2007 we bought our first trailer and were invited to participate in the largest fairs in the Shenandoah Valley. A few years later in March 2012, we decided to focus on donuts as a full-time venture.


Present Day Strite’s Donuts

We have two trailers now. One focuses on the northern Shenandoah Valley and the other focuses on Harrisonburg and other southern regions of the Valley.

We proudly participate in multiple events year round. Most notably, we participate in the Bacon Festival in Roanoke, VA, the Maple Festival in Highlands Co., VA, local festivals such as Food Truck Fest, and others.

In addition to events we participate in, we also enjoy giving back to the community by helping to participate in fundraisers for multiple organizations as well as supporting the acapella group, the JMU Overtones.

Since 2010, we have been involved in a prison ministry in Atmore, Alabama, the We Care Prison Ministry, which we got involved with through our church, Calvary Mennonite Fellowship. Ever since 2014, we travel down to Atmore once a year with our trailer and lead bible studies, as well as give the inmates donuts in order to simply reach into the lives of the incarcerated. You can also view the video on our home page explaining more about the prison ministry.

The Future of Strite’s Donuts

Our goal for Strite’s Donuts is to build a broader base and to reach into, and interact with, the communities we are involved with. We want to be able to expand and be found at more locations and in more communities. In addition, we would love to one day have one aspect of Strite’s Donuts become non-profit.

Fun Facts

#1 - "Strite" is actually Carl and Miriam's last name, which is where the name Strites Donuts comes from.

#2 - Through the We Care Prison Ministry (mentioned above), Strites Donuts has made donuts for every prison in Alabama.

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